Saturday, August 14, 2010

All's Well

Sitting pretty
Time for a bit of groomin...
The leg area where she got bitten. There were several puncture wounds around this bit if her leg. It was swollen so the vet lanced it to see if there was pus. There weren't any.
Her blood test. The doc said there was no need for a blood test but I decided it would be good to know if I have another renal kitty in the Wild Bunch. All of us sighed a collective sigh of relief at these numbers. Today the doc said the last day for antibiotics would be tomorrow and we could release her then. Her leg has stopped swelling and she is as right as rain.She is generally quiet in the house so grandma was willing to allow her to stay for a few days. The amigos were also not very curious about her. They can hear her sometimes when she asks to be let out but they have never seen her. They are actually quite mellow considering that she is a total stranger with strange smells unless she smells of the clinic and meds from surgery, just like Toro :) However, we decide that she would not be let out tomorrow but Monday. Its just that one more day in a quiet place would be nice..for anyone but really good for a community cat who has to  face the newly abandoned kits in the neighbourhood.

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