Monday, August 09, 2010

Toro on Monday

No. I do not like the little pills...the green one, the yellow one, the big ones. I am a CAT! We don't take pills!
We sleep in cute poses...

We hide behind curtains...

We think of taking naps. We are CATS!

I have been taking him to the clinic for the SubQ training sessions 4 days in a row. The nurses said he takes everything well, even the SubQ. Yesterday Dr Loon did the SubQ and he sat in his carrier very quietly. he evn ate his meds without a sound. Dr L gave him some water so the pills would not get stuck and tickle his throat. Then in less than 10 minutes, we were out of there.

I have to do the whole thing myself with Cousin R's help today as the clinic doesn't open on a public holiday. Dr L said I could go to Balestier but I don't think so. We will try the whole thing ourselves.

1 comment:

KXBC said...

Toro looks well. That's great.

I hope you had a good SubQ session with Toro yesterday. Hopefully, he will recover well enough soon such that he will not require daily subQs anymore.