Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

FatBoy's latest numbers.

We were very surprised at the numbers that we saw from his blood test. There were very drastic. When I saw him last, I thought that there was nothing more that I could do for him and eventhough he may not feel any pain (but I do not know this to be true), he was still looking very sickly and he drooled a little. I thought it would be very selfish of me to want him to get well, when he was past getting well and I should do what was best for him.
FatBoy decided he would rather drink water from a cup than from a bowl. When he was at the catsitter, she gave him his water in a container much like this one.

Cousin R and I decided that we should give him a new collar and we cleaned him up a bit with warm water and salt solution. He protested but not to violently.

FatBoy waiting for R to pick him up again...He is 3.5 kg.

I want to thank everyone who had left their comments and advice for FatBoy. As his tests were good, the doc and I decided we should continue with the present arrangement for medication and subq. This test was taken 3 weeks rom his last one. So now he is back at R's with a bottle of Azodyl. Next week we should be able to get his Eprex since his PCV is 27% and the vet worries about his anemia.

He has 2 more weeks with R before I need to find him alternative accommodations. I asked R if she would consider looking after him for another month as I think it should improve his conditions somewhat or at least make sure his indicators are healthier. R said she would have to think about it first as it is a lot of hard work. THAT is true and I wouldn't blame her if she decides it s too much for her as she needs to make sure he gets subq and medication everyday. She did say that she would have to reconsider her fees. I told her that I expect no less and I would be willing to pay her whatever amount she thinks fit to take care of him for another month.

If not, I would have to see if there is another facility that would take him in plus give him medication. I do not know exactly where that would be.

This evening when I was feeding Minah, I saw that they had boarded up a part fo the carpark to remodel something. This means I would not be able to release him in the carpark as I would never be able to entice him to get out from under the cars to eat for even to do the subq.

But I still have hope that R would consider taking care of him for another month. Hope springs eternal in the human breast, says Alexander Pope, never mind the rest of the quote...


mylittlebuddies said...

I hope you will not have to release FatBoy into the community again.

With his condition, he will not do well out there.

Anonymous said...

7 yrs ago, a vet told me to take MCat home after 3 days' Sub-Q in clinic (to die) as creatinine remained at 4. This yr a friend told me another vet gave her cat the same news. Both cats' creatinine are within normal range today with Sub-Q and Fortekor.
Your blog (Toro & FatBoy) is an excellent encouragement to cat owners not to give up hope on their kidney cats too soon. Go to a vet who is supportive if owner is prepared for the sacrifices ahead.

Our ACat's creatinine remained at 3.5-3.9 over 2 years. She has good quality life with supplements & 2-3x a week Sub-Q. More Sub-Q did not reduce creatinine but creat wld go up if there is less. ACat is 17yrs old. She does not eat as much as we would like ;) and we hand-feed her with the wet Renal Care-takes 2 mins. ACat is maintaining muscle tone and ok weight. Dr L reminded that creat is end product of muscle breakdown.

FatBoy may not be able to go back to streets. If he misses his Sub-Q and meds, it will be the beginning of the end. Why not put up an appeal for sponsors? If a few people volunteer, it will help partially towards his boarding/medication. FatBoy is a community cat & it should be a shared responsibility. It is out of the kindness of yr heart that you took responsibility for his hugh medical bill/boarding thus far.

KXBC said...

His results are actually very good. They do take some time to come down slowly.

I believe all vets will tell us that the prognosis is not good for kidney cats because they don't want us to have such high hopes. It's always easier to manage expectations when they are not too high in the first place. Can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that vets should give poor prognosis for kidney cats, many kidney cats live many years of good quality life with proper management.

I believe vets are realistic. They access owners' ability/willingness to provide care. If owner showed reluctance to manage treatment, prognosis is indeed poor.

San is a vet's idea of a perfect owner-willing to pay for nec blood tests & beyond what is reqd & care. It says a lot about the her love for her charges. Chances of her cats getting better will be higher of course.