Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Easy

We are pleased to report that as of last night Popps has officially been declared by family to be 'on the mend'. She ate all of her chicken dinner and some kibble. This morning she ate her breakfast and is now up and about. 

When her fever did not abate after the vet's injections I asked Dr Oh, her acupuncturist what else I can do to help her. He said that we needed to bring down her fever and gave me a Chinese recipe for this. 

Note that it is important to leave the skin on all these. 

1/2 a winter melon with seeds
A few sticks of sugar cane (sweetener)
2 slices of young ginger 
A pinch of cinnamon. 
Leave to boil over a small fire for 1 hour and give the clear liquid to the cat (or person). The cinnamon will bring the heat out and the ginger, being a pungent root will help. 

Since Popps was not drinking by herself I thought I should try this as she needed the fluids as well. It took 1.5 days for the fever to abate because I could not give her so much liquid since she had to be syringed. Of cos we also had to wipe her down to keep her cool frequently. 

She is now at her favorite seat by the window resting on Toro's soft toy. We are now resting pretty easy. 


Katie Isabella said...

Good Morning sweet little one. xo

Kari said...

This is the most wonderful news! We are so happy for you Popps!
We feel very relieved. We prayed hard for you. Good care, good medicine and prayer is a powerful combination. You look so beautiful and so comfortable...a good recovery. Happy weekend sweet one!

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

This is such good news! I was very worried about dear little Popps. But your good care is seeing her through. said...

That's really good news. Hope she gets well quite fast. You've took care of her really well.