Sunday, March 08, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week we finally got to open our present from The Chans. We had a fine time choosing our most favourite and decided that our all-time favourite was the cringly toy. It promised great fun but by the time we all made our choices, the cringly toy was gone! We looked everywhere for it and finally told San that she should help as well. She found it in Popps's toy box! San is giving us the treats one packet at a time and they were yummy. San's present is not in the picture as this is a katses post but she said she would use it on Hari Raya for the guests. We loved the card as there was a black kitty on it  and it reminded us of our rainbow brother Megat. Thanks you guys from the Poupounette. We also noticed the purple wrapper which reminded us of the Vs as well. 

In other news for being thankful...
I am thankful that I got to sit along the corridor yesterday and also san and I had gone out for short walks outside as well. The days are getting too hot to walk downstairs so our walks are always confined to the corridor. San tells me that I need to try to walk up and down the stairs so my muscles get stronger and stretched. I do that sometimes but I prefer to just walk slowly and sit on the cool concrete. Eventhough my back is still stressed I am thankful that I get a lot of help from the needle doctor and my osteopath Adrian. My needle doctor was thankful that yesterday I wore my collar and eventhough I was just as angry, he said I was a little slower because of the collar and didn't turn around like lightning. That was why he was able to put the needles fairly quickly. 
I am thankful that I get more quite time outside in the living room as my brother Tanaka sometimes likes sitting in san's room where this cat seat is. He loves the sun so sometimes he is there for the whole afternoon. This means I get to walk about undisturbed more. The other picture shows one of my feet, my right fore foot. When san came home on Thursday, our helper told San that she found a lot of blood on my blanket. San was surprised as no other cat is allowed in the room when I am in it. So she got me outside and inspected my cat person. She saw that I had pulled off my nail and bitten some of my pinkie. San did not scold me or anything. She merely cleaned my foot and put a salve on the small toe. Then she told me to leave it alone. It was all very professional apart from the hugs that she gave me on that day as she was relieved that it was not more serious. I am thankful that I got help for that. 
I am always thankful to be well and safe. I have my own toy basket with my favourite purple mouse and now I have the crinkly toy as well. My other brothers and sister know better than to disturb my stash. San bought a new fridge but this one was taller than our old one so there was not much space for me to sit on top of it. So san decided to give me a new cubby hole in case I needed more space. It has two storeys but I use only the lower one. 
I am furry thankful that I am strong and healthy. I will have to go to see Adrian in two weeks for him to check that my leg muscles are ok. I know I am ok but san is always anxious about us. These days I prefur sitting at the window for the sun and I love just lazing about. Although I do have to go to the needle doctor, I am ok about that as he talks softly to me and plays me the Buddhist chants that makes me calm. San tells me that I am a good brother to my sisfur Akira as I am much more calm and I try to listen to san more when she tells me to stop (when I try to sneak up on her if I see her outside). I would like to think I am much smarter now as well as I can control myself, if only for a little while.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

WE think you are all such wonderful cats, Amigos! Each of you tries so hard to be good and enjoy life and all the lovely care that San lavishes on you.

We are so glad you are enjoying the treats! And that the crinkly toy is proving so popular!

The Chans (on a sunny Sunday!)

Kari said...

Such a beautiful at family! You are all such treasures. We love reading about you.
New toys and treats always make the day extra special. Hugs from us.

Eileen and Jessica said...

You kitties deserve your special presents. But Popps, why did you take the crinkly toy for yourself? I am thankful that the weather is beginning to get warmer - only minus one today. Meow from Jessica

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy smiles on all of our whiskers, it sounds like you all had a good week--apart from the toenail incident. Ms Akira, we hope that heals up quickly!