Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This morning san told me that I should do the SUNDAY thanks. That is why my pikshur is right on top offur the word Family. I have much to be thankful fur and not so thankful fur as well. First, I wish to thank effuryone who comes to see us and who have become our good friends. 

I am thankful that eventhough my bruffer can be a bully, he is also furry generous and let's me sit on the bed these days. We play and run and jump all over the bed before we rest. Before, he used to chase me off at night  he finks he is king but now he is more mellow and allow me on it, sometimes he only gives me a few slaps first. When san asks him why he did it, he said that I was rude and needed to be disciplined!! Hmmm maybe he is not telling Fern the truth. I am _always_well-behaved. 

I do not know what I should be thankful fur about my sisfur Akira though. She has grown much more confident and is now not so afraid of me. Oh yeah san says that I should thank her for teaching me to be a good bruffer myself. Okie then. Thank you Akira. I am a little more thoughtful of her and do not chase her (only when san is supervising). But now I listen to san when she says 'Tanaka' in her teacher voice. I had better listen or else I would get time out. But I can now sit and look at her from far away and sometimes nap when she is outside as well. I am thankful for that - for being able to sit still and allow others more space. 
I do not give thanks for this sisfur Popps. She is fierce and wants to take up all offur my space. Here I was sitting peacefully and she came and sat behind the bag. Then she growled at me several times.  I did not move as I was just sitting and not minding her but she got more angry. San then said that I should move if I do not want to be flattened or worse. So she came to me and said 'Tanaka, please move away' and told me she would give me treats. So I did and got four Friskies which are my favourite so I didn't mind moving. But she should take more care of other people's space as well. 
I am thankful I got to spend time outside just lazing around wif my bruffer yesterday. It was breezy and restful. 
So there. I have finished the Sunday thanks. This pikshur was a selfie taken by san last Wednesday. I usually sit wif san on the bed in the afternoons as it is hot and sometimes san has the ac on or if not we have the fan. We sit together and chat about our day. I tell her about Popps and she tells me about school and then we have a nap or rather san reads a book and I have a nap. I thank san for our good times together and I hope we will have more of this together- time, which is my time wif san. My bruffer's together time wif san is going for walks downstairs and along the corridor and Akira's time wif San is sitting on her lap at night, sometimes for many hours. Popps's time wif San is not yet as she does not allow anyone to be near her at all. 

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