Monday, July 15, 2013

Megat on Monday

Megat is doing a little better yesterday. He ate his breakfast by himself and his dinner as well. It was less than usual but at least he did it himself. Our animal communicator friend Fern, spoke to him and had this to say, "Megat listened to me well but (I) felt he doesn't quite have appetite. He (was) silently relieved to know (that he had) nothing serious i.e. no lymphoma."

Several months ago Megat sounded different. Fern said - " M was in a  lazy mood and our session went well. He said he was a bit bored but he's alright. He said he's relaxing and yawned at me. I said don't worry about your health. You are still young at heart. He smiled and waved his paw and said "nah" But he's cool about it." So I hope to get him up to this mood of just relaxing.

But he didn't get out of the bedroom for the whole day and certainly there was no poo. So that is still an issue for us. He didn't take to the duphalac much, spitting it out in every turn. But alter in the evening, he was quite lively and walked about the house. Maybe its because Cousin R is around and the house is indeed livelier. 

This morning, he licked his food again and so I had to give him food in a syringe - pure beef mixture with some anchovy gravy. I also saw he had eaten some of his 20g kibble.

His routine for the morning now is (after food):
1 Vit B pill (for overall health and appetite)
1/2 C Cap capsule (for immunity, cell health and energy)
0.1 salbutamol
1 Kidney Activator capsule
9 ml food in syringes (unless he decides to eat by himself)
2 ml duphalac (1 ml in the am and 1 ml in the pm)
I have decided to retry the cyproheptidene but only 1/4 in the am. He HATES this and I have not been able to give it to him in the pill form, mixed with honey or even mixed with food. Later I will try to get 1 cm capsule and put it in there for the evening meal.

His evening routine is (before food as the suppository needs 45 mins to be absorbed):
1 Vit B pill
1/2 C Cap
1 Kidney Activator capsule
1.5 ml lingzhi extract + 2 ml colloidal silver+ papaya and pumpkin (to mask taste)
2 ml duphalac (1 ml at 5 and 1 ml later at night)
1 lingzhi suppository
250 ml Hartmann's Solution
and the cyproheptidene. (after food)

Actually the only addition now is the Vit B, C Cap and cyproheptidene. The rest is the usual arsenal that he gets for about 4 years already, after his 1st bout of lymphoma.
Its a pretty long list san. 4 years? I am getting pretty tired of it!


Anonymous said...

i know megat, but you have to be strong. cat aunty

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Yes, Megat, four years is a long time. But we are so happy to see you here among us, even if you are a little far away geographically!

The Chans