Sunday, August 24, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week we have many things to be thankful for. We first give thanks that grandma seems to be getting over her nasty cough. She had been coughing for about four months but now she is better. We are also grateful that we ourselves are healthy. We no longer get our food from the vet as san has successfully weaned us off it. We now eat no grain kibble ARCANA. We like the size of the kibble and now we usually eat all that is in our bowl. So san now has to buy extra for the downstairs kitty. We are also lucky as we live with san and she tries to make our lives better and tries to give us we want everyday. san remembered what Bujang told her "Must be one thing everyday". san sometimes thinks that asking Fern to ask us what makes us happy may be a silly thing as now she has to do 3 different things everyday for us but she knows we love her for trying. So she is thankful for that. But now time for each of us to tell you what we are thankful for most.
I am thankful for loving time. This is the time when I sit on san' lap. Usually san sits with me in the afternoon when she gets home from work but now she sits with the orange pesky brother. So instead for the past few weeks we sit together at night. san usually puts my brother in the bedroom at about 8 pm and stay with them until 9 pm. Then she comes out to sit with me in the computer room. She has some tea or read a book and we say my affirmation 'Akira is a brave girl who is smart. Akira is healthy and she is loved by family.' Well let me just say that san says it to me. My name for lap sitting time is 'loving time' where we heal each other after the day's work. I told Craig that it is important for me to have this with san everyday. I am also thankful that Craig can talk to me and so san will know what is happening with us. 
I love having naps on san's bed in the afternoon as it is a quiet place and san does not mind my red hair that I often leave on the bed. Usually when san comes home in the afternoon, my sister asks to be out of her room and so san tells me to go to the bedroom instead. She lets Akira out and then she sits with me. Usually she listens to the radio and tells me that I am her kitty-Kat and that I need to be a good brother to Akira. I know san wants me to be better but I do not feel like it most times. My friend Fern talks to me about it every week and I tell her every week 'I know, I know.' it's better when san listen to the radio though. Then she doesn't tell me to be a good brother and I can nap in peace. 
I am thankful that these days there is less screaming between Akira and Tanaka. I am a cat who likes quiet times apart from walks of course. If I can have another name it will be Bujang the Peacemaker as I try to make peace and advise Tanaka on what he needs to do. Usually when I hear Akira yelling and see Tanaka at her door, I would go to him to tell him off. I think it's important for family to learn from each other but these two kitties are not so good at listening. San usually does one thing with me every day. These days the walks I take outside are shorter because of the smoke and noise. I am thankful san walks with me anyway even if sometimes it is only for a minute or two. But I know when it does not rain in the weekend she would put my carrier out and I know then that we would be walking on the grass. Yesterday I went out walking on the grass for about an hour. Yes I am thankful for that. 


Katnip Lounge said...

We think that san is a saint! Well, actually MOMMY thinks that...we think she is merely very thoughtful and well-trained. You three really do have wonderful lives to be thankful for.

Eileen said...

You are very lucky cats to have such a loving home. I am an only cat so I have my peace and quiet every day. Meow, Jessica