Sunday, August 12, 2007

Megat revisited

Ok. Just this once you can talk about the other kitties. Did you say we will get to play later? I'm sure you did. Uhuh!

My cat Megat Komeng who liked fish keropok and drank milk from soy (meant for my old skinny self when I was in primary school). He also ate rice with boiled fish, slept on the neighbour's porch, helped one other stary cat with her kittens to find shelter in my house and saved me from a gangster rooster that came into my house when I was trying to get out to go to school. He looked after grandma's newly-cleaned fish from marauding cats. He was an indoor-outdoor cat. I remember the neighbour (whose front porch he always slept on) asking us if they could keep him as he was truly a beautiful kitty - healthy and lithe. He also brought home the rare mouse or dead cockroach to show us that he was a true hunter. He died of cat flu. That was one of the saddest days of my life.

My now cat, named by grandma, Megat (aka Shaolin Megat) after Megat Komeng. This one eats Natural Balance, Waltham's Renal formula for cats with kidney problems, loves to sleep on my bed and does not like the outdoors anymore. This one is an indoor cat who will go to the vet soon to check on his kidneys. He also loves to eat the other cats' food, especially their fussiecat when I am not looking! He has a slight cataract, bald spots, not much teeth and the only physical danger he is in is when ms Akira snarls at him. :) For a 10+ kitty, he is surely going strong. I hope he will go on for a long time still.


auntie p said...

Was Megat already slightly bald when you first took him home?

san said...

Yes, he had a few bald spots and his fur is in a very poor condition. Its just that now that his overall fur is better, I guess his bald spots become more obvious. But I don't remember the bald spots on his legs being so bad. I can see that he actually has very fine hair covering these bald spots except the back part of his legs. That is just skin but its not in a bad condition. If he was over grooming, I would be able to find at least some kind of abrasions on his skin wouldn't I? he is eating the walktahm renal and the Indoor cat formula from Natural Balance.

auntie p said...

When Snowy first came, she started developing dispersed bald spots on the back of her hind legs and rump, and I thought she was overgrooming a bit. The hair did grow back but then more bald patches would show up. Then kxbc suggested that it could be due to mites. So I applied a dose of Frontline on Snowy, and after some time, the hair grew back and no more bald spots.

I believe you did apply Revolution on Megat, so perhaps his case is not due to mites?

san said...

Yes, the amigos had 4 doses of 'Revolution' so I don't think its mites. I don't think he's grooming more than the others. :(