Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday in PR

Hmmm...I wonder...

The amigos are all asleep right now much to my surprise. Toro is on the low table next to this laptop, Megat on the sofa behind me, Bujang on the Marukan and Ms Akira on top of the tall cupboard in the computer room. So nobody is trying to muscle in to sit on my laptop as I am typing :) I think they were all tired out from watching me wash all the bins and cleaning the bathroom.

It was a little smoky when I went to feed the wildbunch. I fed only 3 today - Minah, FatBoy aka Johnny and Cal. The woman with the pet tortoise came home early from work and she swent to feed Putih - her favourite kitty. She told me that FatBoy's other nick was Johnny. We both tried to call him by that name and he ignored the both of us! I told her about the complaints to the TC. She was horrified and told me that her father had seen the two kids. She told me she would get her father to speak to them about feeding responsibly too. I hope all this would work on the two little kids!

I saw Cal quite early. She was hiding under a blue car. That made me very nervous as the man who hates cats has a car just like that. I kept trying to entice her to get out from under the car but to no avail. I was afraid the man might come back and hurt her or something. Finally the owners of the car came by. They were an Indian couple but they didn't see Cal. So I had to tell them about her being under their car. The man told me not to worry as he would make sure she was out from under his car before he drives off. He said "the sound of the engine would drive her away." Then I saw him making sure that she was indeed out from under his car before he drove off :)

Another man came by the void deck and he spoke to FatBoy. FatBoy answered him so I knew the man was a friend and indeed he gave FatBoy several scritches before he showed me the pic of his very clever one-year old cat. His cat actually does his business in the toilet bowl! WOAH! He said he didn't even have to train his cat. He just climbed onto the bowl and did his business! That is one very clever Tux!

As I was on my way home, I saw the man who hates cats! He was burning incense and hell money and making quite a mess himself. I don't think he saw the irony of him accusing the kitties of creating a mess and he himself doing just the thing that he hated. I don't think he would think he deserved the death penalty but he was more than willing to send the kitties to their deaths!


auntie p said...

That man who made a mess just hate cats, period.

VeganCatsg said...

Next time take a photo of the cat-hater and show it to the TC whenever he makes a complaint of cat mess. Nothing like real hard evidence. I am collecting an increasing number of photos of the real mess in my estate including people who walk their dogs and do not pick up their poo. I have yet to snap photos of people spitting and flicking their nasal discharge from their fingers. The mobile phone-camera couldn't start fast enough.
These will be used to counter any complaints about cat mess from any resident.