Thursday, August 23, 2007

Waxed cat. Never!

Save me from children...

I came home from work today and saw 4 kids from the nearby primary school burning joss sticks and red candles in my void deck. When I asked him why they did such a thing, they said they had accidentally kicked some offereings and that was an act of atonement. I told them that since they did not mean to do it, nothing could possibly happen and then instructed them to clean up the mess and to scrape the hardened wax from the floor. They were unsure and so I told them that it would be better to do as I advised or I would have to report what they had done to the school.
After they had cleaned up the mess I asked them if their parents knew where they were. They told me that indeed their parents knew (?). Earlier I had seen one of the kids on the phone but since the conversation was in chinese I was not sure if she was speaking to her mother. I also told them that I have a cat who lives in the void deck and I certainly would not want her to be poisoned by the wax shavings. I made sure they had disposed of their joss sticks, candles, matches and plastic bags before leaving.
It was agood thing that I saw them and decided to ask what they were doing as I saw several other adults who just passed by them, not enquiring at all although they did look at the children curiously :X

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VeganCatsg said...

Sometimes i used this trick...."i have your photos in my mobile phone" but I had not..they sure to clean up or pick up their rubbish to throw into bin. Some even said Sorry....must buy 4D!