Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just Because and some words...

 My purrfect profile...
 What do you mean its NOT about me? Who is it about? Oh the little gurrl! Ok just this once.
 A close-up of Ms Akira's face  in the afternoon light.

She is 8 years old already (Feb) and so many of those years were spent in her room. But nowadays, after the osteopath had adjusted her hind legs and spine, she is more vocal and tells me that she wants to get out more often. So I try to make sure that she gets more time outside  These pictures were taken last Friday and she spent about 4 hours in the afternoon outside in the living room when the 2 boys were sequestered in the bedroom. She had a fine time.
 Hmmm....I want to do that as well...
 What's aoutside this window? Hmmmm....birds
 Another picture? Again?
 There is nothing like a good scratch on the boy's cat tree!!
I like the peace and quiet. 

I bought a cream for the eczema and it worked quite well. Its just that she has to use the cone for 5 minutes so she would not lick her legs straightaway. That is the only difficult thing as she could not see where she was going. I had used the soft KONG cone and its opaque. So I have to be with her for 5 minutes as she negotiates the cone! Last night, I had wiped her legs and belly with warm water and sea salt. After 1 minute, she visibly relaxed and Cousin R and I were able to wipe her down quite easily. Then I had powdered her with dusting powder made up of chamomile extract and linden flowers. It is supposed to relieve skin irritations and also for sensitive skin. Then I put the cone on her but as she was quite scared of it, I had flattened the cone so it covers her shoulders instead. It was as surprise to me that she sat quietly and didn't attempt to lick the powder off. So maybe this evening I would do that as well to see if it is not  a once off thing. She seemed fine with the whole thing and later at night, we went for our usual 3 minute walk. :) I am glad that she is gradually growing more confident of herself. Thanks to our friends The Poupounette for giving us the idea of using 'hot spot' creams for dogs. We got the one for dogs and cats and it was very useful.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We love to read about how Ms. Akira is opening up to the world a little at a time!

We're glad the hot spot salve suggestion helped. And Tanaka-Chan, you look gorgeous, of course!

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Tanaka, that was nice of you to let this post be about Ms. Akira. :) You BOTH look wonderful. :)