Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

A water-lily sees us all peaceful this morning. This was taken in Cambodia at the Silver Pagoda but I thought it says all that want and wish for kitties and their beans everywhere.
 san will not be going anywhere soon, which is good. Taking care of the house is very tiring when I have to do it alone. Its time for some easy living now.

 Easy Living? No way. I am still hopeful of surprising the little gurl!
We have stopped wiping her down with the warm salt water. She gets nervous and would not come out of her cubby hole when she sees Cousin R and me. So I have started her on some other homeopathy meds and  she has since slowed down her over-grooming and stress levels. She is more laid-back and confident and would ask to go out of the room as much as she can. She does not even mind walking along the corridor in the late afternoon when it is quiet. This picture was taken last Thursday when she came out in the late morning and she fell asleep here in the breeze.
This is what Ms Akira has in her food (1.5ml) and her water (1/2 a capful) every day. It seems to work very well for her. Although the vet says that she is over-grooming because of stress, she may have allergies that we do not know about. of course with her leg not bothering her so much (thanks to the osteopath AD) she is also feeling much better. But of course she is still not mixing with Tanaka and Megat as she is still fearful of them. I think we have a long way to go with that problem.


Ginger Jasper said...

I hope the progress continues and you will get there in the end.. here is to a good 2013.. Hugs GJ xx

Katnip Lounge said...

Tiny kitties do things in our own time.