Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Waltz of 2008

Bujang striding purposefully forward on this last day of 2008...

"Did you say something san?" "Did you say i look slimmer?"


"What is that cat doing walking near my house? How dare he!

Our last walk of 2008 went very well indeed. Bujang enjoyed it a lot and did not want to get back into his carrier to go home. I had to persuade him (rather forcefully) to get back inside so we could get home before dark. I know from previous experience that Bujang would not walk in the dark and I didn't want to get bitten by mosquitoes. He actually walked all the way to the perimeter of the grass area but I was glad he did not want to walk on the pavement as it was too near the road. However, he got a little side-tracked when he smelled the ixora and spent a few minutes investigating the flowers and actually sat to contemplate Nature for a bit :) We reached home without incident where he also had to be persuaded to clean his paws and belly :) I does seem to enjoy the walks in this section of our neighbourhood.

I saw a third cat from the same flat. This cat did not look as disgusted as the fat white one. It was just curious and did not have half its body out of the grills. I used to have this type of grills but decided to change it to our present one that is diagonal and smaller too. But I know I have never seen any of these cats downstairs so I think these are strictly indoor cats. I hope so anyway. Posted by Picasa

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