Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Quiet on Wedneday

A composite of old pics...

While I charge the battery of my new IXUS, I thought I would just put some old pics of the boys together as right now, they are all sleeping around my computer station. This is not unusual but rare to say the least- to have everyone share the same room, if not the same space. I asked Tanaka why he had decided to sit in the cage (the one I had used as a time-out cage for him before) but he just stared at me and went back to sleep. But I must say it is rather comforting to have them all around me even if they _are_asleep. Ms Akira is on top of the cupboard as usual :)

Megat was giving everyone the 3rd degree like Muhamad Ali and had given both Bujang and Toro a quick jab to their faces when they dared to 'trespass' in his territory. I told him that if Bujang decided later to teach him a lesson, then there is nothing that I can do since he 'asked' for it :)

I expect it to be a rather quiet Wednesday night if this keeps up.

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Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Beautiful pics! And we also loved the one of Toro in the last post!