Saturday, December 06, 2008

Little steps...

Ok. I can do this now. Its not scary at all...

This is the 2nd time that he has very confidently gone up on these seats. I think before he was a little nervous of the kitties and also of the space. But nowadays, he could manage to get up (when none of the other kitties are on it) and when I am in the room with him. He also managed to play with the DaBird lure that I had tied to the grills :) Way to go Megat!
I had gone to the vet for the 2 boys and went to the pharmacist to ask about the Hartman's. She said they do not carry because of the volume that they would have to order. The pharmacist did say that they can get me the Eprex 1000 with a presciption and I have to wait 3 days. She was not able to tell me the price though!! Hrumphh! Time to ask another pharmacist :)


Anonymous said...

Hartmanns is available from hospitals (longer waiting time & parking problem) or Pharmex (several branches, order b4 hand). I like Progress (one-stop place & parking just outside) but recently 21G short-needle is not available. i just ordered&collected from Unity-$8.76 per box of 100 BD needles (25mm). I have to budget as i got 4 kidney cats on twice weekly Sub-Q for lifetime.

Can readers share how to prevent hairball (besides regular brushing) without using petroleum-based products?

Anonymous said... need to make friend with a nice pharmacist ;) I "followed" pharmacist from branch to branch (they get transferred) bec he would source the strangest things for my cats. When HumulinL was discontinued, he discussed the pick-up & plateau times abt insulin for diabetics & helped to make switch for my diabetic cat-very successfully too.