Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday thoughts

What? You are going away again? Who is going to sit with me at night?

You are going to Sabah? Where is that? Can I go wif you?
I have a microchip you know, dun need a passport...

Its okay san...leave me here...its okay...
I can take care of myself..btw..
Where are the treats?

And so it goes. I am going for a very short break to Sabah. Its short cos Megat has to get his Eprex jabs and sub qs. So I've timed it such that I could get back on the same day he has his Eprex. Will be giving his sub q today. Cousin R will be helping me with the amigos when I am away. This is very fortunate for us as grandma does not like strangers in the house and she doesn't like the idea of me putting the amigos in the pet hotel. "What if they look for me?" she asked. "What if they get lonely?"

1 comment:

Mary said...

Your grandma is so kind. You are very lucky, especially if Megat :)