Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And for this too I give thanks...

Megat sleeping the morning conserve energy for his vet visit...

After the vet...hrumphh...more of the same...

His rock bandage where the vet got blood for his blood test...

Megat drinking his evening water ration :)

His tests numbers are a little better but there is still a long way to go yet.

His PCV was 31.5% and his TP at 9 in Aug . Then in September it was PCV 27% with his TP was 8.2 when he was on 2x sub q. Today after 6 weeks of Eprex and 1x sub q, the numbers are PCV 29.7% and his TP is still at 8.2. ( The normal numbers are PCV 30-55% and TP 5.4 - 8.2)

So although he is a cheerful little thing with an unfailing spirit and affectionate heart (for the beans; not for the cat citizens in the household), he is not out of the woods yet. He will still be on Eprex 2000 and his sub q. I have not gone to the pharmacist to ask about the Eprex yet and am still nervous at the idea of putting it in needles myself. Thanks to anonymous for telling me that I can actually get Eprex 2000 from the pharmacist in the 1st place. But for now, I will still get it from the vet where they can put it in the syringes for me this saturday.

The vet gave me a prescription for the ringers solution and IV too. I saw that she has written "Indefinite" on it. So that I guess will be long term for sure except I am puzzled that she has also written "To be given sub q daily". I am sure that that was a mistake. I will have to see her about that again when I bring Ms Akira and Tanaka for their vaccinations this Friday. Of course I could have made a point of looking at it before I left the vet but I just assumed that the sub q will be 1x as usual since she didn't tell me verbally that she wanted me to make any changes.

He has to see the vet in 2 months for his next review. Poor fella.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

We all know that the only thing that truly counts is that Megat leads a comfortable life, surrounded by those he loves and who love him.

Sub-Q is surprisingly easy to do. We hope you sort out the unclear messages from the vet!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry San, Megat's values are still within normal range, even if it is nearer the top end.
Our vet recommended E when cat's PCV was less than 15%. Call up pharmacy before you make a trip-check if cheaper/need prescription before you go. a**c will give prescription if requested. E1000 is preferred-divides well into 4 syringes.
Our vet recommended 1 teaspoon of chopped liver lightly cooked in near boiling water-3x a week if no loose stools. May build up platelets.

Do you need a prescription for Ringers? i use Hartmanns. I think they are quite similiar.

My longest kidney insufficiency cat (presently 14 yrs) had creat at 4 in Dec03. Recently on Nov08, cat did blood profile at a**c (4x a yr), creat is 1.9, BUN 25, TP7.9 and PCV 40%. It has been almost 5 years since! I have/had 6 'kidney' cats, two died. Surviving 4 cats: oldest is 15 and youngest, 13yrs.

So cheer up Megat and San ;)

san said...

Thanks Anonymous and the clan at Sen, Tama and Tom's :). He is cheery and looks very frisky these days so I am quite calm about it although a little worried. But as you said his numbers at within the range but on the high side. At least not way out beyond. I truied to give him the liver before steamed but he hated it. Maybe boiling it would be better. I would go get some after work today.