Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shenanigans on Thursday

The 2 enemies sitting side by side...

Eh! Where is she?

What is she doing san?

Can you no-good boys leave me alone!

Ms Akira decided to sit on the kitchen floor this morning and I was surprised to see Tanaka sitting with her. He just sat a little away from her, watching her quietly. She was rather relaxed and did not flatten her ears in disgust or warning. There were no growls. When I went to the kitchen, she mewoed that she wanted some attention and so i sat with the 2 of them. Toro saw us and came in to investigate as was his wont and after he sniffed about, decided that there was nothing of particular interest to a cat like himself :)

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cat_aunty said...

Aiyah no fighting please!!!