Thursday, December 25, 2008

Da Bird joy at Christmas II

Toro wrestling with Da Bird. He likes to lie in wait for the lure and then pounces on it...
I'll catch you no matter where you are!
I can wait. I have a lot of patience...

What did I tell you?

Toro would only play with Da Bird when he is the ONLY player. If anyone else takes part in the game, he would sit apart and then take a nap or stare at the usurper with deadly eyes. So I would usually have to take the opportunity to play with him when everyone else is pre-occupied with other things. I would wave to him quietly and he nows this is our signal for play. Then we would go to the room and I would have to close the door against everyone else. Only then would he play to his heart's content. He prefers to ambush the lure secretly from behind cupboards and tables and cat seats so it can take some time for him to get into the game :). Tanaka just likes to fly at the lure. Bujang would slap the lure about before biting it to death. Megat would slide for the lure and Ms Akira likes the slippery slide and mad ambush ploy :) Whatever their strategy, everyone likes Da bird :)

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