Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy belated Gotcha Day II

Megat looking serious on this day :)

A very clear pic of his face. It is really difficult to photograph a black cat!
I left my camera in Kota Kinabalu so had to take his pic with my nokia N79.

Megat did not get to have a nice gotcha day celebration today although I did give him some salmon instead of his usual Natural Balance for a treat. We did not get the usual boys eating together pics as he decided to hide himself in the room. I think he saw Cousin R and decided that he wanted no part of her as she was the one who had to put him in his night cage every night when I was away. So he associates her with bad things :) But he did get his share of treats and is now asleep in my room. He had hidden himself under the bed for a long time and maybe he got tired of it :) Happy Belated Gotcha day anyway Megat. May you live long and prosper!


auntie p said...

Happy gotcha day, Megat!

Is this your 2nd year in the house with the amigos?

cat_aunty said...

Happy belated Gotcha Day, Megat!! I did think of you on that day!

May you always be happy, healthy, slinky and fluffy!!!! I am glad you are with San now