Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally Friday

FatBoy and Minah after breakfast...
This morning both fatBoy and Minah asked for breakfast at about 8.20 am. I gave Minah her share of orijen and before she ate her share, Fatboy asked me for his. She gave him a piece of her mind and I told FatBoy that he should wait as he was in her territory. He ate quite a lot of Orijen before he suddenly stood still and then darted away. I think he heard the call of his morning breakfast. He raced across the carpark without a care! Thank goodness there were no cars dropping off students and the like.
By the time I came back to Minah she had finished her Orijen and so I gave her some more. Then a woman came by to feed her breakfast but as she saw me, she didn't give Minah anymore. She darted away so fast that I didn't have time to chat with her at all which was a pity.
Note about Orijen: Both Minah and FatBoy like it. I gave Minah a choice once between Nutro salmon (which she used to eat) and Orijen and she made an organic choice :))
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cat_aunty said...

WOW gotta watch those biscuits already!!

She is looking very well though, ditto FatBoy