Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Wild and Wilder Bunch

Tiger now waits for us at FatBoy's block. Someone told Cousin R that his people used to live in this block and they abandoned him when they moved house. So we would sometimes see him waiting at the lift and even in the lift. I think he was trying to go home! But he now knows he can go to M's house to hang out and no one there would leave him or abandon him except of course he lives the life of a community cat. he knows there would be food, as many cans as he wants and he is a greedy little kitty!
Putih is recovering slowly from her long ordeal. She now has a bright orange collar so she would be easily spotted. When she was away, many people actually asked M where she was and they said they had been trying to look for her! She is one lucky kitty.
Jeffrey Boy now lives at the void deck and is very fat. He has turned out to be an affectionate kitty and would allow the residents to per him. He used to be the gangster who would try to muscle in into the territory but he relaxed after the sterilization. He now hangs out near and sometime sin the carpark. The carpark it seems is a clean one so he is also clean, which makes it easier for the residents to like him more.
Minah is going steady, which is our wish for her. She is the only cat here and patrols her territory closely :)

I am thankful that everyone is safe this evening.

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