Monday, July 25, 2011


Megat: san spent some time worrying about what will happen to my brothers after our fight. This happened a few weeks ago when san found that I had pus at my side. She brought me to the vet and the vet said there were 2 puncture wounds at my side, one healed and the other not. The reason she worried was because I am an FIV + kitty and she knew this when she adopted me 5 years ago when I was 10. She did not think that any one of us would get into a big fight and as I only had 1 canine, I could not possibly inflict a great deal of harm on my brothers. But she of course did not think that one of my brothers would bite me and so the posisbilty of one of them having FIV is very big on the horizon. So she finally decided to test every one of them.
This was what happened. This was the site of the bite. But now I am very well and the bite has healed marvellously too.

Toro had the first test yesterday as he also had to get his blood review done. The vet said that his cretinine level is 2.5 and his BUN is 29. But as we were told the tests would show these indicators as he has renal problems. More to the point his FIV/FeLV test is negative. Since the vet did not have the required vaccination for FIV, I would bring him again this week for his shots. I suspected it could not be Toro as he would rather run than fight although he is known for putting Bujang in a headlock many times:)
Tanaka: san said I would go to the vet's this week wif my bruffer Bujang. san said that it was more likey Bujang was the culprit (that means the one who did it..uhem..) I like my bruffer Megat and we are friends. I told san that I do not need shots but she very seriously told me not to be afraid as all of my bruffers except Megat would need to be tested.

I asked san what if Bujang is difficult? She told me the vet has many assistants and they would help him out. san said we if we are FIV/FeLV negative, we still need the FIV vaccination which needs a booster in a month and then it would be an annual one. san still has to discuss with our vet about the annual vaccination part. san also read about the fact that there might be confusion once we are given our FIV vaccination as we might later test positive. People may think we have the virus and not just vaccinated against getting the virus. If one of us gets lost and we are tested for FIV, dire fings can happen! I do not want this to happen to any offur us. But then we are all micro-chipped except for Bujang and he WILL be microchipped by the end of the week.She says she has to think quite alot about this eventhough she has told the vet that she would vaccinate all offur us.

I went to the Best Friends website and it says
5. The virus can be spread through blood transfusions, badly infected gums, or serious, penetrating bite wounds. (Bite wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, unneutered tomcats.)

I do not think the wound that Megat had was a 'serious penetrating bite wound,' though but I since I would need to test Bujang, I decided to test all the boys. Ms Akira would not be involved as she was not in the fray and she is separated from the boys (except Bujang) at all times. However, by the end of this week, we would know our test results.

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