Monday, July 11, 2011

Putih and her shenanigans

Putih calmly eating dinner after my frantic search for her.

Last Saturday, I finally found her 2 blocks away from her own and she came out at my ring although she stayed back from Tiger and Jeffry B. So I had to feed the 2 male cats and bring her dinner to her side. She refused to move from where she was. Then she decided she didn't like the open space and sat here instead. Finally!

I found out that there was some upgrading of public utilities where she was and so she had migrated to a quieter side of the estate. So I guess she had a cause to migrate.
After eating just 1/3 of her dinner, she jumped off and with nary a glance, strode purposefully away. I assumed she would be at her usual site...
and she was.

A good Samaritan smsed me at 11.30 pm on Saturday to tell me that she was sleeping on the overhead bridge!! 2 people have now informed me of her whereabouts, which is good. The last time she disappeared, we had not managed to put a new collar on her so her new orange collar is doing its job.


Flock O' Fuzzies said...

You are such a good person for taking care of those kitties. They should be very happy to have you. Our neighbor is just like you, feeding all of the stray kitties that live around us. Good job!

Caroline said...

aw that is sooo sweet and adorable! <3