Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How THE BITE happened

lazing about on san's bed...

Tanaka: I fink I know what happened. san was not in the room so she told me to tell all. As you can see, I am THE BOSS when it comes to who gets on the bed (except when Bujang is on the bed offur cos). When san came into the room 2 weeks ago, she saw a lot alot alot offur black fur on it. But as a human, she sometimes cannot fink furry well. She just used the BIG green monster to eat up all the fur. But she knows eventhough I always jump and run after Megat, I have NEFFUR bitten him. Toro would swipe him when he gets in the way of brushing fur but he has NEFFUR bitten Megat. So I fink you know what san suspects. When Bujang wants anyfing, you give it to him or else he would swipe you wif his scary nails and bite you too.

That is what san suspects. Offur course sometimes my bruffer Toro can be stubborn but he will only wrestle. Although san has told me to tell the truf, I know I need to be politically correct (as I am trying to learn how to be a politician and maybe I can become President offur Singapurr later in the year.....hmmmm) So I tell the truf as much as I can!

san: When I came into the room then, everyone was sitting about looking pleased. Maybe they were conspiring and keeping secrets. I had to put them all in the room as Ms Akira had the living room then. Maybe I should just have let Bujang alone outside as Bujang and Ms Akira are friends and the 3 boys would not bite each other although they do get on each others nerves often enough.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

Such intrigue!

Tanaka-Chan, we think you would make a fabulous president of Singapurr!

The Chans

Admiral Hestorb said...

poor baby. lots of kisses for the wounded warrior.