Friday, July 01, 2011

Ms Akira on Friday

Ms Akira likes looking at pigeons and would sit here on some mornings just for that:) Her fur looks lush and soft, which it is. For a female cat she is also a little overweight at 5.3 kg! She is a small eater nonetheless. I think its the inactivity as she lives in he rprincess room as she does not get along with the boys at all, except Bujang.

Here she is looking quite delicate:)

But the reality is she has been overgrooming herelf and her underside is all bald. She doe snot like pills and would struggle if I attempt to give her one. She is also extremely sensitive and could smell the tiniest drop in her food or water. She does not have mites and does not have athritis. I am giving her granules from petsalive for allegy and itch. I do not know yet how effective it is.


Admiral Hestorb said...

i did that too but not quite that much-- and mommy took me to my dr. he gave me a shot with steroid in it once every 6 weeks and it worked like magic. when mommy can drive again and takes me in, i will get the name of it for you.

KXBC said...

I have the same issue with CC too, just that his licking problem is worse. Every 3 weeks or so when he has ingested enough hair, he will have an upset tummy for 2 days, vomiting from both ends of the body.

I have found that giving him a weekly bath helps to reduce the incidence.

The vet has checked many times. Blood tests, mite test, flea test etc etc and they all turned up negative. They can give him a steroid injection which woks for 2 months or so but we do not wish for that as we are not sure of the long term impact.

For now, he gets a weekly bath, alternating between a mild shampoo and a flea/tick one.