Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What's that noise?

who is there?

I finally found a cat tree tall (CATRY) enough for her to look out of the window. She is very curious and would climb up the tall bookshelf to look out when she hears noises. Now she has a choice of climbing up on this. The chair placed next to her cat tree allows her to hide herself if there is a need to. No one can see her from outside as the windows are tinted. So she is prefectly safe. I sometimes open the windows for her so she can breathe the air outside. As she does not like the outside and is rather timid, I am not afraid that she would get out through the grills. She would sometimes just sit on the cat tree looking out. Hardly anyone notices her enough to stop and say hello as she is hardly seen at all (even with the window pane open).

1 comment:

Admiral Hestorb said...

Look at those sweet adorable spots! Oh, my mommy wants to pet you and love all over you. Look out..she kisses a lit.