Saturday, November 09, 2013

Walking adventures

Last night I had a nice slow walk outside. San said we would have a shorter walk since it was already past nine o'clock but she allowed a longer walk as I enjoyed it so much. 
    I investigated the bicycles. There were fewer than I remembered but saw them down some steps. I wanted to go down but san said we should not go to lonely places when it's dark as not many people can see us there. So we went on. 
I like these row of potted plants. There are always insects under them, not like ours. I sniffed about but there was only a dry hibiscus flower. THAT was no good.
This was the first time I had gone here. I didn't know what this was. san told me it was a trolley for grocery. No wonder it smelled good and also strange. It was a good-strange. I spent quite a long time here. 
    The blue door was also a strange one and I loved the shoes outside. san told me we had only a few more minutes as she could hear Ms Akira meowing from inside the house. She told me we should not leave my sister alone for long. Since I was her big brother, I thought I should go home quickly to tell her that everything was okay and I didn't see anything frightening at all. 
So we made our way home, very very slowly as I wanted to make sure that there weren't insects in our small garden that would frighten anyone. It was a good quiet walk and I was glad we did it. 

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Vanessa Morgan said...

Always nice to see a cat walking on a leash. Have a lovely weekend.