Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday at home

Monday came to our house slowly but later it became too scary for Bujang. He is all of 7.56 kg and sometimes mistaken for a small dog but he is afraid of strange sounds, especially thunder. This morning, a man came to our corridor to sweep and clean it. Bujang immediately hid behind grandma until he went away. Then he sat here wide-eyed wondering what will happen next. 

                          After he saw the man leaving he sat here for a bit and had a nap.

I will be bringing him to the vet next month  for his annual checkup. This is always a stressful time for him as he hardly ever goes to the vet and he gets very frightened, which means he will very likely try to bite the vet or use his very long claws. I am thankful that even though our vet practice has now separated from ARVC, where Dr Ly is, we still have Dr Tay, whom Bujang likes more than the other vets. He also needs a blood test as he has not had one for many years already and since he is 10 this year, it would be something that is good to have. The practice now has an ultra sound machine, an X-ray and they can do minor operations. They have day care but not night care facilities. It looks spanking new. It seems one of the vets is a cat specialist but Ms Akira saw him and she refused to have anything to do with him. She likes Dr Tay though and behaves well with Dr Ly. 

                                   You can try San but don't expect me to cooperate! 

If push come to shove then I would have to bring him to see Dr Ly in Serangoon. It's far away from our house and I do not want him to get more upset with the long trip.
In other news ...
Our new wheatgrass came last night and this morning birthday boy Tanaka had a good chomp on it. Bujang prefers to be hand fed wheatgrass but Tanaka likes to eat it on his own. 

               Ms Akira is relaxing in her room. I am surprised she has not asked to be let out. 

Tanaka pretended he didn't care one way or another what Ms Akira was doing. When he saw me with the iPad he pretended to stretch and strolled away to eat some grass. Before this, he was watching Ms Akira through the grill for hours. 
                                                                  Like this...
He has the word 'peace' in his collar. It is our wish that he makes peace with Ms Akira before the year is out but I think it will be some time yet. Although he is not so obsessed with her now, he still watches her and would run after her if he sees her outside. Ms Akira does not get hysterical when he watches her from outside the gate anymore so that is an improvement as well.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We're sorry you were scared, Bujang, and we hope your vet visit will go smoothly.

That looks like great grass, Tanaka-Chan.

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Hey San

Dr. John Paul Ly is not with ARVC anymore? May I have the address in Serangoon?

Thank you


san said...

Hi Katie

My vet practice is at Tampines ARC. The front desk told me last week that they are now under Animal Ark (which was always their parent company) and are no more with ARVC. Dr Ly is still at ARVC.

The new hospital is at 466 Serangoon Road and parking is at Petain Rd. The hospital is called ARVRC for Animal Recovery Veterinary and Referral Centre Tel 62522623

Katie Isabella said...

Bujang, how about a manicure while you are there?

Anonymous said...

Hi San

Thank you for the info.