Saturday, February 08, 2014

Akira and the osteopath

This morning Akira went to the osteopath. She now sees Adrian only once very 3 months as she is better and he needs only to do some minor adjustments, if she needs them. She was suspicious from yesterday as she saw her red soft carrier among the cat toys. This morning after her breakfast, she went resolutely inside her cubby hole. Usually she would make a request to be let out into the family room on Saturdays. 
This is Adrian, her osteopath. She likes him a lot and would sit even through the most painful massage. When I asked her if the treatments were working she said (to Laura, the animal communicator):
My body feels much better. I stretch better and when he massages me I feel a release of everything. My doctor said iam a nice cat. 

I had asked her to tell Bujang about Adrian as I thought he would benefit from some realignment of his bones since he is already 10 this year and he does not like his back touched a lot. She told Bujang that: He is a human friend with a big heart and his heart is wild about cats. His heart stretches outward and inside of you so fear becomes nothing and love becomes everything. 

I think that must be the best endorsement for anyone who works with animals. 
In this picture we were at the 'garden' which is behind the osteopath clinic. It's a quiet and breezy space where you can sit and take a breather. We were here this morning an d not at our usual space as workers were digging the roads to build a foundation for a new building across the street. 
Usually we would be seated here for the treatments. Tanaka's treatments are here as well as one of the other osteopaths is allergic to animals. I told Adrian about Bujang and he said he would be willing to see him. So in March Bujang would see this doctor since both Akira and Tanaka had only good things to say to him about Adrian. I hope he allows Adrian to treat him without incident. 
                                   When we came home she took a short nap.

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Your osteopath looks very nice, Ms. Akira! We hope that Bujang will enjoy meeting him too.

We have never seen an osteopath but both of the Vs do some from time to time and they really like it!

The Chans