Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Magic

san went to the vet to get catfood and saw some bonsai in the sun. A tree in a small pot- just right for us but san didn't buy any cos she said....

she already has magic in our house...hehehe
There is me - Totoro

and Bujang...

and even megat.

She didn't get any pikshurs of Ms Akira who is good at the magic trick of disappearing from sight :). It was also very hot this afternoon (as can be seen from our pikshurs) but san did'nt go out as she said "Too hot! Too Hot!". She had a nap wif us and then it thundered and rained. Too bad for my bruffer Bujang. san felt very bad about it but she said "Too hot to be outside even so." I fink san should do better!

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Admiral Hestorb said... are SO fortunate to have San but: I understamd I'm a kitty too. xoxoxoxoxo