Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just Because

Toro likes sitting here as it is the most comfortable seat in the house, near enough to the window for the breeze and quiet enough for his sensitive side. He is the kitty who needs alone-time everyday and would stay here for the afternoon. He is shaven quite close when he came back from the hospital and I needed to get rid of all the hospital smells so they do not spook the rest of the amigos, although truth be told, they all took it in their stride.

This Hari Raya he would still be quite bald as it is taking his fur quite some time to grow this time. I wonder why this is though as usually it would grow quite fast. The good thing is I do not have to send him to the groomer this time and could just wipe him out with one of the kitty tissues or he could get a dry bath.

I bought him his own teddy bear and put it at this cat seat so he would have it to comfort him the next time he needs to go to the clinic for his review some time this month and ultra sound in 2 months.


Jules said...

Hehe I think Toro would be willing to temporarily trade away his fur coat for a better chance of good health! :D On a side note, do you know where can I get those small canned Fussie Cat at reasonable prices?? :D Thanks!

KXBC said...

I use myself as an example. Not sure if it applies to cats as well.

When I am relatively stress free, my hair and nails grow faster. And vice versa. I notice the same for my gang's claws as well.

Jules, I am getting Fussie Cat at $1.10 per can. Buy 6 get 2 free. Or buy 4 get 1 free.

Jules said...

Hi KXBC, thanks for your advice! I've tried Fussie Cat and Fancy Feast, my cat seems to prefer FC! :D

Anonymous said...

I buy bulk as i have cats, a box of 24 FC is $18.

Jules said...

Dear Anon, where do you get your carton from? :D