Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Quiet

I just discovered FotoFlexer and did this one for Bujang. Its for free and you can do almost anything with it. I got this frame from a blogger Gunhild & Svenning Hjemmeside. They have very FAT cats called Minus and Felix. So to fill in my time (not kill it) at work while I wait for more, I thought I would fiddle around with FotoFlexer :))

The amigos are getting used to not having grandma in the house and have remained relatively quiet. Toro likes sleeping on grandma's couch, against grandma's cushions :) Bujang is growling and yelling less and less although he does make the necessary trip to grandma's room everyday just in case she is there. I had explained to everyone that grandma is recuperating but I guess they needed to be told everyday.

Grandma misses Bujang most of all and asks after him everyday. He is BOSS after all and she knows he misses her even if he looks like a giant who can take care of himself :)

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KXBC said...

If Bujang can visit Grandma in a carrier, I'm sure Grandma will be most happy and may even speed her rehab process.