Thursday, September 02, 2010

Our Award

Thanks cat_aunty for the award :) Giving them the meds is no joke for sure as Megat, Toro and Tanaka would attest. Tanaka, like the picture, is always by their side, more to get the treats than in sympathy :) I dedicate this award to all catmoms who have had to give and are still giving meds to their own furry kids :)

The raspberry is fur san fur making us take all the medicines everyday. We have no rest! We need to be on the lookout fur her all the time! Thank goodness I now have the grey furry thing Toro. If he disappears, I know its time for medicine and I have to make a dash to scramble under the bed myself. Hrummphhh!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Megat to show the raspberry tongue-40% pcv ;)
My helper holds cat with back of cat to her body. She holds cat's mouth open w one hand and w other hand, dips capsule very quickly in water & shaking off surplus b4 popping capsule at the back of cat's mouth. Hold mouth gently closed for 2 secs. Repeat. You have to be fast. Water is in bowl for teeth brushing after pill-popping-daily morning routine. Repeat for other cats ;)

Some cats have drier mouths helper says. Syringe 1ml water after pills if necessary but not all cats need that.

Capsules are easier; perhaps the shape helps & they are generally tasteless, odorless. Tablets tend to be harder to grip esp if they are small. Sometimes i put v small tabs in empty capsules esp if there's a smell (like TCM). Empty capsules come in various sizes-cheap at market medical halls. When i was filling capsules, cat came and ate a couple of empty capsules.

Another expensive alternative is compound medication-we have compounding pharmacies in SG. You can apply compounded meds to cats' ears & they get absorb into blood stream (I think that is how it works).