Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Elusive Ms

This morning Ms Akira and I spent some quiet time together after I finished housework and before I do school work or go to see grandma. She has been much neglected as grandma is in rehab hospital for therapy. usually she would spend her days with grandma sitting quietly together watching TV :)

The amigos have all been trying to get used to not having grandma with them. the only one who still goes around the house looking for grandma is Bujang. He spends his afternoon either sitting on grandma's couch or grandma's bed. I have placed grandma's blanket out for him so I hope this helps him a little. :)

Grandma is doing very well and has taken the move from CGH to SACH quite well. The inpatients are all very cheery and she sees people with fractures like hers moving about. So I hope that encourages her to do well. Today will be her first day of therapy.

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