Sunday, January 04, 2009

Its time for good night I think san

Too much of a good fing iz not good...

I told san that enuf iz enuf wif the video. Who wants to watch Bujang walking and walking on the grass? Only san I fink. I noe Bujang did not like the grass when he was little. He used to walk on 2 feet at a time..hahaha. But now he walks as though he is a downstairs cat.

Anyways nofing of interest happened this Sunday. We had a peaceful time. Toro and Megat fought for a bit but san scolded them. She said "WHEIIIIII!" and they stopped. These boys are always fighting. I fink nofing will be done if the world is full of boys - only fighting and disturbing the peace - my peace that is! Hrumphhh!

Oh I wanted to say "Goodnight Sunday :)))"

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Anonymous said...

Ms Akira, we like "nofing" days just like you too. Nah...we don't fight, that would involve getting up! Goodnight.