Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There is something in my eye...

Cousin R was helping me with the WildBunch yesterday as I had a meeting and hungry cats wait for no one. She came up to tell me that Minah did not want to eat and that she was wiping her eye. Minah just wanted to roll about. So I went to look for her with Cousin R and we saw that someone had given her a small pile of kibble (no the aunty as it was a uniform brown colour).

I asked Cousin R to hold Minah so I can put some eye drops in her eye as Minah is always very frisky. To both our suprise, Minah actually allowed herself to be carried and I succeeded in squirting some eye drops in the vicinity of her eye as she was squirming about. She then decided enough was enough and ran off, but not too far. I think she wanted us to sit for a bit with her which we did. I tried once again to get some eye drops in her eye but she was too smart for the both of us.

Her eye was not too bad as it was not red nor did she have gunk on it. Cousin R's imagination is getting as wild as the old aunty's I'm afraid as she told me that Minah had an inflamed eye with some redness :))

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meemsnyc said...

We hope whatever was in her eye is out. Poor girl.