Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Tales

What is Bujang doing?

Contemplating Monday :)

The old aunty told Cousin R that after CNY she won't be able to help us feed the WildBunch for at least 3 months as she would be going for a knee operation :( I know I should be hapy that she may get better knees but it was very helpful when she could feed the WildBunch on the weekends.

Of course we would feed them on the weekends when she is away. My only fear is that she may decide to leave them to me and abdicate all responsibilty for them like she did the last time when she said she had to work in the evenings. It was by chance that I saw her walking about in the evenings and had asked her why she was not at work. She then told me that she has been out of work for a month but she was looking for other work. I then had to tell her that I would feed the WildBunch with Cousin R's help for 5 days so she can look for work but she has to take up her responsibilty of taking care of her cats for 2 days in the week.

Although I know she loves them, I think she has been doing her utmost to relinquish all her responsibilty for them. Nowadays she doesn't even have to buy any cat food using her own money (unlike before) as I give her a whole month supply of cat food. She sometimes buys dry food for them though. She knows they like to eat dry food after the wet food :) She is also quite good at keeping an eye out for them and would tell me if she thinks that something is amiss and if she is not about, I would miss some things. It seems pretty selfish of me of course but I would have to keep a sharp eye for the aunty. I hope she has a successful operation though as she takes her dog Bobby for a walk every evening and it must hurt her knees to be walking Bobby so much. Posted by Picasa

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