Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tanaka on Sunday

Tanaka contemplating life as he knows it...

A very pensive little kitty...

Don't you think I am slimmer now? My face is thinner right san?

WHAT? How long more do I have to diet? I might just disppear you nuffing!
Are you sure you want a skinny kitty?
Indeed little Tanaka is getting a little slimmer as he is now not allowed to eat everyone's leftovers. What we do is give him just one teaspoon of wet food and then when he waits for more, we give him 1/2 a teaspoonful. So he thinks he has his usual share :) Grandma is also very good at rationing the food and has been faithfully taking away all uneaten kibble once each kitty has finished with it. They all get about 50 grams a day, in several portions. I have not been playing with them this weekend but will resume next week. Slowly does it, like I read in the cat books so slow it will be.

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