Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week we had more indoor time than outdoors. The days were hotter than usual and so we napped more. The good thing was our air-con was working so the nights were cooler. The bottom pic showing Tanaka is an old picture that I found when I was cleaning up the photo albums. He looked as mischievous as he is now. 
Hrumphh! I must say I was not pleased with how this week has gone. San came back from work late all the time and when she came home, my sisfur Akira wanted to be out. I offur course then had to be inside her room. But the one good thing about this was san always tried to be with me for some time and we do spend time together in her room, listening to the radio, reading or just hanging out. But I really want to be in my sisfur's room less. San says all week that in that case I should stop chasing her. But I haven't been able to do that! She is too easy! (shhhhhh)
I was out along the corridor once this week. Nowadays I don't much like being out in the corridor as there is a lot of noise. After the incident with the Aircon I prefer hiding under beds as that would be much safer. I noticed that san closes grandma's door when I am out in the living room and now she has put bricks under the washing machine. But at least now she has put a thicker blanket in the bottom cage ( the cage used to belong to Megat) and I can hide under there. San is always surprised that I hide under there when I am out in the living room where she thinks I should be walking about and sitting with family. She thinks I am too much by myself already but I can't help it. Tanaka has sometimes been out with me together this week but san has to put him in his harness as he wants to chase me about. I really hate this and wonder why he does it to me. 
I have not been downstairs much this Ramadan. San has brought me out only along the corridor at night but it's too boring there. Most times I make a half-hearted attempt and would come back home in 15 minutes or so. But yesterday san brought me downstairs for two whole hours. We went out about 7 am which was very early for a walk. I had a good time walking and no one disturbed me at all. The only time was when the cleaner came to sweep some paper off the grass and to clean the drains of litter. But he saw us and wished us good morning so I knew he was not so scary and I came out of the carrier after about a minute or so. I hope to be out later tonight as I know san and Tanaka would be busy the whole of today as it is the last day of Ramadan and tomorrow is Hari Raya and the house must be ready for visitors. 
This is the collage that our friend and animal communicator Fern did for us this morning to wish us a Happy Hari Raya. We are so pleased with it and so it is here in outer blog. We also thought we would share what Bujang said. 
Fern: He was relaxed and must have just woke up and going to have his breakfast. He felt light and happy. He said everything was fine. He knew something fun and exciting is coming up. So he's getting ready for it. 


Katnip Lounge said...

Tanaka, you really should leave your sisfur in peace! We know how it is, though...John HAS to stalk and chase The Baby every chance he gets, and he receives a scolding for it every time!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Wonderful photos! It must be nice to have aircon when it is as warm as it gets over your way!

Tanaka-Chan, you are a little incorrigible, but we also noticed that you have the cutest nose!

The Chans

Eileen said...

What lovely photos. Sounds like you are busy getting ready for the festivities. Meow, Jessica

Eileen said...

Happy Hari Raya to you all. We hope you enjoy many Blessings and lots of food. Meow from Jessica