Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

We are glad to be able to bring you new pictures eventhough I did not bring out the camera very much this week. Ms Akira has been quite relaxed as she was eager to get out of her room as soon as I get home from work. She does not even have to meow. These days she would just sit near the gate and I would let her out. She does this only with me though and would not go out if Cousin R asks her. Bujang went to the osteopath Adrian yesterday. He was very good with Adrian and allowed Adrian to manipulate his hips a little. Tanaka on the other hand had quite exciting times watching repairmen in the house but we have had to put him in the night cage so he won't try to tell them what to do. Here, he can see them and so won't be too anxious. 
This is because Tanaka is only afraid of san as he knows she would put him on timeout if she catches him trying to disturb me. But I am glad to report that he did not disturb me as much this week but I know he would chase me if he could. 
This was me resting yesterday after I got home from seeing my osteopath. It was not too bad although I don't see why I needed to go again. I told my friend Fern (our friend who is the animal communicator and who gives the amigos their weekly Reiki sessions) that I do not need to go but she said it would be good to see if my spine is still ok or it needed an adjustment. She also said I must be quiet in the taxi (which he was) and that I must allow Adrian to help me without biting or scratching him. Since I know san will make me go anyway I decided to do as she said. 

san: Adrian found that his middle spine was a little stiff again but after some manipulations and massage, it was much more relaxed. He also allowed Adrian to manipulate his hips a little but only one side at a time and not both sides at once. When Adrian tried to massage both sides at once, he took one look at his face and turned around to show what he wanted Adrian to do. He did not meow nor did he bite and scratch. This was good as I did not bring him to the vet to cut his nails. He still has sensitive paws and does not allow anyone to touch them. Adrian also tried to massage his hind legs as well which did not go as well.  He said that he had seen a lot of cats in his practice with arthritis in the legs but with massage, we should be able to help Bujang. He does not have any yet but prevention is always better. Apart from this Adrian said his energy is very strong and well-balanced :))
                   My selfie while I was waiting for Adrian.
I was quite tired yesterday after the air-con repairmen went. I spent almost 2 hours just watching them. I do not know why san did not want me to help the repairmen as it looked very exciting. I could show them their tools and tell them if they were doing the right thing. I could also watch out if one of them should fall off the building as I noticed the window to the outside was open. San told me later that the repairmen had to instal a new compressor for us and it had to be outside of our bedroom. San never opens this window for us at all and we had never seen the outside with it open. san can sometimes be such a spoil-sport but I was glad we were cooler at night though. We had spent two weeks being much too warm at bedtime. 


Katnip Lounge said...

What a busy week you all had! We, however, would have sung Bloody Murder in the car. It's kind of our thing!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We just LOVE all the photos1 They are so lovely in those special frames!

We ave never seen an osteopath but our giant sister, Violette, has. She says it was really strange when he grabbed her hind leg and pulled!

The Chans

Eileen said...

It was a good thing that you were supervising the repairmen. Without you watching closely and telling them what to do next, they would have been lost and likely quite lazy. I am having a restful Sunday too. Meow, Jessica