Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday News

Rez had his checkup yesterday as well as his first vaccination. The good news is he no longer needs SubQ. I'm sure he is relieved not to be poked with the needle every week. The not so bad news is his creatinine is still high at 2.7 but even this is better than the previous 2.8. The vet said he would be ok if he just eats kidney kibble as he is 5.04 kg and is in very good shape.  HIs BUN has gone up to 38 from the previous normal of 36. 

It has just been 2 months that he has had acupuncture and so I was not expecting a miracle. I will take 2.7 gladly. 

I have posted many entries for his adoption at FB and I am very glad that those posts have been shared many times over by the many kind friends that I have made there. I will still continue to post about him . 

I think he would need more care with Dr Oh, his acupuncturist. I am still trying to persuade Tanaka to be less anxious and to try playing with Rez so we will see about that. 

     His favourite morning pastime. 
Just hanging out watching the goings on in the house. 


meowmeowmans said...

Rez, we are happy to hear your numbers are going in the right direction, and that you di not have to get SubQ anymore.

We, too, are purring and praying that you find a forever home real soon.

Kari said...

God bless you Rezki!
You are such a handsome kitty and such a nice boy too! We wish you could come home and live with us.
Our prayers are with you, love.