Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Akira 01 Acupuncture Protocol (4)

Today I went to the needle doctor. He said he has never seen a kitty who was so quiet and still when he puts in the needles. I was quite pleased to hear him saying that about me. San was pleased as well.
 This morning she had extra needles on her head. She allowed the doctor to put in the 4 needles but didn't want the 5 th one. 
                 She also had additional electrodes- 2 more than before. 
             She sat quite still as usual 
                    Napping at home. 

We are coming back on Saturday for her treatment. She is getting used to being outside the whole day which means I have to keep a close eye on Tanaka. He was outside with her and I saw him sitting quietly but before I knew it he was creeping up on her. It was a good thing she was vigilant and meowed. He knew then that the game was up and wanted to hide out but I told him it was time-out time. 

I am encouraged that she had decided that outside is a good place that is safe as well. I feel that if she is inside the room she will be away from people and the goings-on in the house and it might make her depressed later. Poppy gives her a wide berth and she does not interfere with whatever Poppy decides to do as well. So the one kitty that I have still to convince or re-train is just Tanaka. It will be a long time still I think before Tanaka gets over his obsession with Akira though. 


Eileen said...

It is amazing that you are so calm with your treatments. I don't even like the vet trimming my claws. Meow from Jessica

meowmeowmans said...

You are such an amazing cat, Akira. That is great that you are so calm during your treatments!

We hope that Tanaka is convinced soon that Akira is not for stalking.

Sending peace and hugs.