Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday Thots

I thought it would be nice to hear what the kitties  said to Fern last Sunday. They have Rriki sessions every Sunday and they speak to her after that. 
"Bujang was calm and peaceful. He said "Of course I know what to do. It's my duty." He gave me a lot of confidence that he could handle things around the house. But he asked when you would recover completely. "
I have not been well with the flu and bouts of cough. He had not asked to go out during this time and had decided to sleep close to me instead of at my feet. I told Fern that I noticed this and wanted to thank him. 

After the acupuncture sessions, Ms Akira asked to go out of her room a lot more and she was more affectionate towards me. I have not noticed any discernible improvement in her hair growth or her bouts of fur licking though but yesterday she walked about the house and climbed onto the cat seat to look out the window. This I feel is the improvement which is as good. I have been trying to get her to be outside more ever since Poppy came to live with us. She had told Fern that she preferred to be in her room as it was a safe place. But these few days she has gone out and is much more relaxed with Poppy, who is also outside at the same time as her. 

"Akira is very cute. She is proud with the praises about bravely going through the needles and the medicines. She said thank you. "

I have been trying to get Tanaka with Fern's help to leave Akira alone. I wanted him to know that if he could leave Poppy alone, it should be simple with Akira as well. I wanted him to know that a good brother will help out. 

"For Tanaka, he gave me a feeling that Akira is his favourite to disturb and to pay attention to. I said he did very good job with Poppy, he said she is different. Then I told him what you said, being a good brother. He realized it and said ok, ok I try. He said that Akira should not be too uptight about him being around"
This morning Poppy decided she would play in our red cube (thanks to the katses from Katnip Lounge who gave us theirs). She played twisted and turned and played with the ribbons in it. I think she felt more free to play as well as Tanaka was in the room as Akira was outside. This was a new thing for her.  Akira was quite unconcerned and watched her playing. 

"Poppy was really cute. I praised her and asked her about the new box. She said she knew that you bought the new one. She said I play with the old one first till it's broken, then I play with the new one."

Of course Tanaka has taken over the new box already. He likes sleeping in it and I put him here when he is outside with Akira as he can look at her and then nap. But what is important is that when he is here, he doesn't get down to disturb Akira at all. 
Tanaka resting and watching Akira at the same time in Poppy's new box. 
Akira outside this morning resting on top of her cage.


Katnip Lounge said...

::grinning to see Poppy playing::

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

This is such a lovely post. You are all very good kitties, and we too simply love to see Poppy playing!

The Chans

Eileen said...

Everyone is so happy and content. Hope San gets well soon. Meow from Jessica