Saturday, December 20, 2014

Checkups and Acupuncture for Bujang (long post)

When san told me it was my turn to go to the vet I thought she was kidding. But when she didn't give me any food for a long long long time, I knew she was serious. When we went out to the vet's it was raining. San told me that the rain should not stop us from going. Hmmmm there would only be bad things from here on. 

The vet looked at my teeth, stole my blood and actually bundled me in a towel. I told them loudly 'NO WAY YOU TERRIBLE PEOPLE ARE TAKING MY NAILS!' But they did anyway. I fought and yelled and tried to scratch everyone. San said this was the worse I had ever been where my nails were concerned! Then san said that I had been having back pain and that may also be the reason I had yelled so much as the vet helper had to put me in a towel as I was a big kitty and could hurt them (I would not hurt them as I am gentle but I was in pain). So the vet touched my back to check and at one point I hissed at him and warned him to stop it. San did not want any painkillers for me as I would not take it ( and I know she is afraid of my teeth). Since I was also going to the osteopath, she said she would get Adrian to help me as well as he has been very good at helping my back pain before. 

The blood test was not as good as before. The vet told san quietly that I had kidney problems (CRE 2.4 but BUN was not so bad at 21) I was glad when san just told the vet that she would take care of that and it would be ok. 

But as I said before I thought there would be dark clouds and so there were. It rained very heavily and we couldn't find a taxi to take us home. San and I were stranded. But san thought that since we were stranded, she could send me for acupuncture for the pain in my back. WHAT!!!! I DON'T WANT NEEDLES LIKE AKIRA!! But she did it anyway!
She told Dr O that I had pain in my back and showed him where the pain was worse. Dr O saw  my blood test and discussed some stuff with san about my kidneys. I knew something was up and I didn't like it. He made me walk about and said that the pain was worse on my left and I walked with my back lower than the rest of my body. He said back pain was easier to take care of than kidneys. San as usual said we would be there to see it through. (Notice that she didn't ask me for my opinion). Dr O did say that he thought I had very beautiful eyes which were round and very bright. I was glad he noticed that at least. 
He poked the needles in my back very quickly. I was not too concerned until he put one right on the spot and I hissed at him to leave me alone. Dr O told san that one of the points for the back would also take care of the kidneys. I knew that I should not bite him (yet) but it was over very quickly. I didn't have those electrodes like Akira but only the warm light. I liked that a lot. I was there for half an hour. 
Here I was just sitting with san with the light on my back. It was over very quickly. 

Dr O then gave san some TCM for my kidneys and advised her to put it in my food. She had to warm the food first and mix a little of the powder in it. I am glad to say that as of this morning I had eaten all my food with the powder in it. 

That was what had happened yesterday. In the afternoon my sister Akira had her acupuncture session as well and we went home together in a van that san had called as no taxi would take our call. It was the Pet Mobile. We were able to be home safe and sound and very dry. 


Eileen said...

Bujang, we were a little distressed to hear that kidney tests were not as positive as could be. But you are in good hands! I try to bite and scratch the vet when she trims my nails too. Meow from Jessica

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We can imagine that you were not happy to be bundled off like that, Bujang, but we know you realise that San is always trying to help you. We are glad the acupuncture and heat could be done, and we hope they will help. And we are also glad that Sa was able t cal the Pet Mobile! It can be difficult when you do not have a car. But #1 says she remembers driving in Singapore a number of years ago and that it was quite scary!

The Chans