Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Akira 0.1 (8) and Bujang 1.0 (2) Acupuncture Protocol

Akira was as usual a champion with the needles. This afternoon she comforted Bujang who was very upset at his acupuncture session. He yelled and hissed at Dr O several times and the doc called him 'Little Tiger'. 
                           It's ok Bujang. I am here. It's not to bad if you relax a bit. 
He allowed the doctor 2 needles on his head and only these few to begin with. Dr O allowed Bujang to rest for a bit between needles. It took him almost 15 minutes to complete the rows. It was only when the doctor pierced the part of his back that he felt the most pain that he growled. It may also be that he felt trapped in the carrier. We wanted him to feel safe and thought that if it was done in his carrier he would be more comfortable but not so. He hissed and yelled and turned round and round. 
After 15 minutes the doc managed to get all the needles in the right positions and left Bujang under the lamp. He enjoyed this part a lot and turned round and round so that his back could feel the heat. After the next 15 minutes, the doc and I took turns distracting him so we could remove the needles. This coming Friday he would have his 3rd session and we would try to put both Akira and  Bujang in the hard carrier to see if he will allow the doc to put the needles in without hissing. The doc said that if one is calm, the other one would also be calm. We shall see what happens or even if he would allow Akira to be in the same carrier.

Akira was calm throughout and she stayed close to him, sometimes sniffing at him through the mesh. I hope she was telling him to relax and that he would feel better afterwards. Since he had eaten his TCM for his kidneys very well, the doc gave him the full dose with TCM for his kidneys, liver and spleen.  This combination is also supposed to make him feel less stress. 
Bujang resting at home after his acupuncture session.

Update: He did not like his new mixture. I think because it has multiple herbs and the smell is different. We will try until Friday. If not we will have to go back to just the kidney mixture.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We hate to even suggest this but it is said that girls can be braver when it comes to certain things….

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Cheer up Bujang and Akira, Hobbs understands how it is. Hobbs had acupuncture too this week and Rehmannia Eight Formula or Jingui Shenqi Wan for aging pet kidney support.