Saturday, December 06, 2014

Akira 0.1 Acupuncture Protocol (1&2)

Ok. I know I look a little silly with needles on my head but san made me so it.
She told Fern that "It's not too bad".

We went to the vet last Tuesday for her annual checkup. She behaved well and the vet took blood very quickly. She had the CBC and we were glad to see that she had excellent results. Her teeth needed cleaning but the vet said I could schedule her for next year. As usual we discussed her over grooming issues and the vet said there was nothing else that they could do for her as she had gone through the clomicalm as well as the ovarid route to very little effect. I was advised to put her in a collar just so she can't lick and bite her lower limbs. I know at the back of my mind that I may have to do this but I thought maybe I could try one more route - Acupuncture. So the vet made the appointment for us on that same day.

This is Akira undergoing a 30-minute acupuncture procedure on Friday 5 Dec. She was relaxed under the lights. She sat quite still the whole time, better than the first time we had tried it last Tuesday. I had asked Dr O for permission to use the pictures and he gave us the ok. I told him that I would like to document such a process as it would allow me to think about it and I thought others who may chance on our blog can see if acupuncture is something their own companion animals may benefit from. At this point I need to say that I do not know if this will work for Akira at all but I am willing to try.
A very short video of the 1st 3 needles. She had about 25 needles on her body. You can also see it here

Dr Oh's very calm and mild manners relaxed us both the first time we saw him. He saw her blood test results and asked the usual questions about diet and behaviour. Then he put her on the floor so he could see her walk about and take pictures of her bald parts without disturbing her at all. Then he said for me to put her on the table and proceeded to do the acupuncture. He explained what he was doing and then he left us for 25 minutes or so. On Tuesday she was rather nervous and came very close to me but yestetrday she took everything in her stride. The following pictures are from yesterday's session, which was her second one.
 Here she was just relaxing. The light was warm and quite comforting. She liked it a lot more yesterday.
 Akira undergoing the procedure in the quiet of the very simple room. On Tuesday she had only one lamp but yesterday she had 2. 
 Close-up of her needles
Akira looking at her personal chart. 0.1 means 'female'

Dr Oh explained the 5 elements and started to explain that all the organs affect each other in turn and it was crucial for all of them to be balanced. In Akira's case, her fears and stresses affect her liver, which in turn affects her spleen. An overactive spleen will affect the kidneys, the kidneys affect the heart and the heart affects the lungs. She is also 4.8 kg, which is not the optimum weight and this may be caused by a slow metrabolism as she eats very little.  The numbers at the bottom of the page correspond to where the doctor would place the needles.

Dr Oh was very optimistic that she would be able to overcome her overgrooming problems. He said she was a 'very good cat' and 'very easy'. But when it comes to the TCM herbs she was very difficult. She has to take a full spoonful twice a day but I have only managed to give her once a day and not even a spoonful as she would swallow a little, spit out a lot and some of it would go onto her fur, It is powder and I have to give it to her in a syringe. Dr Oh said this was ok and yesterday we experimented on the right consistency of water to powder themixture  needs to be in order for her to swallow more. 

We have to see Dr Oh twice a week and tomorrow is her 3rd appointment.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Akira does look very comfortable and we hope this will work well for her. None of us have had acupuncture, but #1 has had it many times over the years and says it's very efficient.

The Chans

Katie Isabella said...

I am REALLY interested in how she does. I am glad you took this route.