Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday...

I hope. Yesterday A went to the osteopath. Dr L told me that now her right ear is a little inflamed and this might contribute to her not wanting to walk out at night (she has not walked out for close to 2 weeks). But she seemed heavier as well. I was surprised as she looks much thinner. It may be because she is now eating no grain kibble. I have not found any kibble that is no grain and does not have chicken in it. (That she will eat). Her wet food is now only fish protein as she would not eat any other protein (unless its chicken).

When will Dr L see me san? Akira waiting for Dr L. We were 30 minutes for our appt.

Home from the Biopolis. Her next appt is in June as Dr L wanted to check on her ears and her left leg which is still a little stiff.

No I dun think I can make that appointment.

I have other things to do. At least the affected areas are not as red as before and some new hair is growing as her forays into the living room had relaxed her somewhat.
If only these two boys would be relaxed as well when they see her

Tanaka the Terrible and Megat , his partner in crime.

Megat had jumped up at her and clung to the door of her night cage screaming blue murder last night. Then he put one of his paws through her care while at the same time hanging onto it with his other one like Indiana Jones. I was in the kitchen so I didn't manage to stop it before it began. Once I made him release his paws I put him on his cage where he coughed because of all that exertion ! Thank goodness no one for hurt physically.

It will be snowing in Singapore before that happens san but you know we have to work at it and keep hoping :) I will help you.
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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Wow! Megat sounds pretty feisty for a senior kitty!

#1 says that her first cat, Ikkyu, only ever would eat fish (and a little ham!). He did well by it and was very healthy until the last year of his life.

Have an easy Sunday, Ms. Akira 9and the others too!).

The Chans

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy says it's the same for May Ling and Sweet's WWIII all day, every day with those two.


Eileen said...

I do hope you get better Akira. Please eat more food. Meow, Jessica the cat

Jules said...

San, you may wish to try Orijen kibbles for Miss Akira? They have two flavours - fish or chicken, both are grain free. :)