Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Say Tuesday

Megat has weekly reiki sessions with Fern and has become a more relaxed kitty. I attribute it to a less stressful life as he has the bedrrom to himself for much of the day, Tanaka is also not ambushing him at all cost and he naps much of the time in peace and quiet. I noticed lately that he is more proactive and would tell Tanaka off when he suspects Tanaka is going to be naughty. Before all these sessions he would just have moved away quickly when Tanaka tries to push him around. Of course he is also taking homeopathy for stress and calmness. apart from his asthma, for which he is taking sabutamol, and his sang hwang lingzhi, he has a twice weekly SubQ as well. Lately he has kept quiet and still even for that!

Last night, he had his weekly Reiki with Fern and I thought I would reporduce his update.

From Fern

Hi J. Megat was ok though he said he's tired and felt more drowsy. Other than that he's ok. He said,"what can i say, i'm old". I said no you r not that old, still handsome, clever, n healthy. He said 'don't flatter me." I asked him not to attack A or get too near her. He said "i know but it's tempting n what she did in my room?" I then explained to him the arrangment. he said ok,ok. He was pleasant. He asked me how i was doing too.

Megat is getting more sassy. Ms Akira did go into the bedroom to drink from the water fountain. She saw that I was there with Megat and so she sauntered in and drank. I actually had to hold Megat as he got up and wanted to get to her. He just watched her and then when she left, he yawned widely and had a nap.

The bedroom door would only be opened when I am home to supervise the interaction. Now Akira is out in the afternoon and late morning to walk about as I think this would lessen her stress level. Tanaka is now in the computer room if Akira is outside. Lately however, she has not ventured outside in the afternoons at all and sleeps in her own room even with the babay gates opened. I wonder why.

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We are glad you are more relaxed, Megat. You are not old, just wise and good, and it is important for you to enjoy each and every day with San and the Amigos!

The Chans